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Cattle scales

New product

New scales custom made to sizes.

Rodent Resistant scales.

The main cable inside hydraulic hose One year warranty,

All cables hiden inside the structure box

The monitor can be quickly disconnected.

Has rechargeable battery

OIML Approved Weighing Load Cell

The foot cell has adjustable feet design with steel ball and cup suspension

More details

More info

The scale will use a special filter to minimize the effects of any movement while the moving animal on the scales.

More active animals will require a higher level of filtering to give a stable result.


New scales in stock

Cattle scales up to 2t size-- L 2150mm W660 (rodent protection)

Cattle scales up to 2t size-- L 80IN X 27IN (rodent protection)

Horse scales up to 2t size-- L 2000mm W915mm

(Galvanized frame, top is aluminum)

Pallet scales up to 2t size --L1250mm W850 (Galvanized frame, top is aluminum)