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Two-way sorting sheep scales up to 300kg.


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For sorting sheep

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Two-way sorting sheep scales up to 300kg.

X2 sorting exit gates with sorting function + entrance gate. All gates with latches and long handles provide a simple gate opening option.

The cage is fully meshed and has x doors, one on the back, where sheep/lambs enter and this door’

The front exit door is controlled remotely. So, then the operator has easy access to all the gate handles and can operate them from one place. Also, the operator doesn’t have to go to the front of the cage to open the exit gate. The sheeted floor has anti-slip plate. The scale has connection links for sheep panels which allow it to be connected to a race system if needed.

The scales has 4 weighing cell underneath the platform. The indicator Is LCD type

Has connectio to computer or printer using the bi-directional R-232 interface.

Operates on DC adapter or X3 Batteries.