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Pig scales
Alpaca scales

6502Printed on rigid matt finish and smooth surface.



Open Top Scales

The Scale is specifically designed to accurately weigh live alpaca, sheep, pig cow animals as they walk over the Weighing Platform set. The main difference compared to other scales is that it has an open top, so the operator can walk through the scales without any obstacle when needed.

How it works:

The sheep walk into the crate through a front gate, then the gate closes behind the sheep. The operator can check the weight in seconds showing on indicator and then let the animal walk away.

The main principle of the scale is a cage sitting on 4 strong weighing cells. Each cell can take load 250kg, 1000kg in total.

The load cell supports are designed to prevent unwanted forces from affecting load cell performance.

The height is adjustable, self-aligning rubber foot.

The cage is fully meshed and has 2 doors, one on the back, where sheep/lambs enter and one on the front.

The weighing scales should be positioned on an even level site, and may be joined to a race or pen system if required with using frame holders.

The indicator comes as standard with an inbuilt rechargeable battery and a back-lit display to allow you to use it in poorly lit areas and where mains power may not be available.


Our lamb weighing scales comes fully galvanised and includes a digital weighing kit up to 1000kg.

The digital weighing kit LP7510 or LP7510SS (newer version) (manual attached) up to 1000kg is very simple to use, and very accurate. The main advantage of the scale is it has a dynamic/animal filter. The filter is collecting the data before the loaded weight is stable. When the loaded weight/animal is easily shaking (for example animal is moving), you can set this filter to make weight display more stable.

All our products are hot dip galvanized. Galvanizing material by hot dipping protects the material from rust both inside and out which can protect equipment for 40 years.

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