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Sheep Race Handling System 



Sheep Race Handling System

The race system will include:

4 x 2500mm 4 Rail Sheeted Hurdles/Panels

1 x Sorting Gate

1 x Race Joiner

8 x Coupling Rods

1 x Guillotine Gate / Swing Gate

The race handling system is easy to assemble and dismantle in 10-15 minutes.
Can be packed on a small trailer and towed away. A sheep footbath can be fitted underneath the race if needed.

It’s made from high quality steel, all the components are 100% hot dip galvanised,  and it has also been designed so that you can add additional sheep equipment to the original race when necessary. It can be customised to customer requirements.


The sheep race panels are adjustable and can be narrowed in at the base. This ensures sheep approach the draft in single flow and makes it impossible for them to turn back. The adjustment allows capability to handle various size sheep.

The guillotine gate is used to stop the flow of sheep in the raceway. It can be operated up-close or from a distance. The gate also supports the raceway panels at the proper angle and width.


The guillotine gate minimizes walking as they can be operated from anywhere along the handling race. They are operated by pulling on a cable. The gate can work as swing gate or like guillotine gate and has a latch to keep the gate in an open position on top.


A race joiner is used to support the raceway panels at the proper angle and width. Panels have to be either straight or angled (on both sides).


The sorting gate is easy to operate because it has only two handles to do three things: stop animals and sort animals left or right. It comes with 3 meter handle so it can be operated from distance. With a stop gate built into the sorter, the sheep can be slowed to permit closer inspection before sorting.Sheep can see through it so they move toward it.

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