Lamb weighing scale up to 300kg

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Lamb scales
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Lamb weighing scale up to 250kg

In sheep farming the main purpose of a lamb weighing scale is:

  • The scales allows easy and accurate measurement of the body weight of lambs.

  • monitor general growth progress which helps with selection of animals

·         The main principle of the scale is a cage hanging on mounted weighing cells.

·         The two main parts are the frame and the cage.

·         The frame of the scale has a triangular shape which allows it to take large loads and for greater structural strength. On top of the frame is an adjustable hook-bolt which allows the user to fit any size digital or analog scales to the frame. The frame for the weighing scales has connection links for sheep panels which allow it to be connected to a race system if needed. The scale also has a handle and wheels for easy movement from place to place.

·         The cage is connected to the frame on links. The purpose of the links is to balance the cage even if the load is off-centre. The cage is fully meshed and has two doors, one on the front and one on the back. For different customer requirements the exit door can be made of two halves and controlled remotely. So, then the operator has easy access to all the gate handles and can operate from one place. Also, the operator doesn’t have to go to the front of the cage to open the exit gate. The sheeted floor has anti-slip bars for easy entrance and exit of the animal.

·         External size: 1150 long x 600 wide x 1330 high

·         Internal size: 1090 long x 400 wide x 760 high

·         Overall weight of the scale is 55kg.

·         Our lamb weighing scales come fully galvanised and included a digital hanging weighing clock up to 300kg.

·         The digital weighing clock up to 300kg is very simple to use, and very accurate. It’s good for weighing all kinds of awkward shaped objects. The digital scales has a tara function for subtracting the weight of supporting equipment. The HOLD function locks the weight for easy reading when an animal moves in the cage.

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Lamb scales
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